I was aware of the use of Quad Maxim AA mounts by EPR, but I thought that they were mounted only in 5 Ton payload trucks like these GMC at the Farewell Parade for the Brigadas Internacionales at Barcelona…Russian themselves mounted them in 4 Ton trucks like GAZ AAA.

The EPR used them widely in the Battle of the Ebro, giving AA cover to the beacheads and bridges…So nothing new or it seems

There´s a tempting model both in 1:72 and 1:48, but the GAZ AAA was never used in Spain AFAIK, an there´s not a GMC model  in these escales…I think

Well here comes the answer: Look for a 1.48 or 1:72 ZIS 5 and you´ve got it

Le Perthus 1939

I suppose it was overloaded but when you´re losing everything goes…

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