Girona 6 on Bedford Chassis and Camo-Art

So here we go with documental “Roig i Negre” this time showing one of the parade-show of new equipment -probably at Barcelona, with a colum of these fancy colored vehicles:

There is little uniformity apart from the colorful camo, as both chassis and turrets are quite varied. I have been able to find only a reference on Mata y Marín book. The similitude in manufacturing with the Girona series is noteworthy (overlapped plates, radiator..) and even on the same parade -or at least documental- we find Girona 5

So if anyone wants to jump in, here are the captures:

The engine bay of this vehicles is longer than the rest, the one behind it looks like a  “5”;

This one below is a short one (¿Bedford? ¿Any other COE (Cab over Engine) chassis?

Both are almost equally manufactured to Girona 5 except for some details like the third forward hatch and radiator. Note that the second vehicle of the first photo looks like a colored Girona 5…

Last but not least another passing by vehicle:

I love this captures because they destroy the myth of grey “Tiznaos” . Look that the side of the first Girona 6 is an impresionist landscape even with mountains! art in the factory.

Will keep rantingJ

How to make an AFV with a Torch and lots of work…

This footage is from a documentary called “Roig i Negre”, produced by de la TV3 C, taking them originally from an anarchist SCW documentary. Despite I got the original from internet, due to the poor quality I went for the TV3C one

First step, seize a factory devoted to metal processing:

Second step, get a design, a chassis (anyone will do) and a torch, some plates and bolts and we are ready to go:

I would like to point out a detail that can be seen on the second photo. Marin and Mata classification can not be chronological, you can see here a mix of UNL with the short gun bulge, the long one and different mudguards…Once again improvisation, adapting the design to different chassis lenghts, the hood depending on engines, probably the mudguards’ position and lenght and even driver and gunners’ position

I do not think it is possible to establish a clasification without knowing the chassis type (Ford, ZIS, GMC, GAZ) as their external features are quite similar.

What is an AFV without turret? We can standarize a lot the production here. It is not essential a perfect centering of the ring; and we can leave the details for the end, like cutting the vision slit.

Standarize is not always possible so we have to do what we can. DT are strange so what if we mount…

A water-cooled Maxim MG08? 😯

And here we have the final product:

Again a humble correction to Mata y Marín: The gun guards of the first series are only an adaptation of the water-cooled MG-08.

Despite the hugue improvisation, hard adaptation to change and scarce means, the workers of UNL (later factory 22) managed to produce one of the most efective combat vehicles of the war, comparable with similar designs from other countries and which was in service from 1937 to 1939 on both bands.

Then and Now: La Machina



It’s so nice my town…

UNL 37 -ZIS5 Chassis 4th SERIES-

No reason for publishing these video stills except they are nice. Periodt.

Look at the amoeba cammo, applied also on the doors interior, the locking mechanism (The simpler the better) and how the sucker in the hull gunner place covers all the interior detail while wrapped in his capote-manta

It is remarcable how the kid contributes to the war effort by pushing the armored car to save fuel…


I was aware of the use of Quad Maxim AA mounts by EPR, but I thought that they were mounted only in 5 Ton payload trucks like these GMC at the Farewell Parade for the Brigadas Internacionales at Barcelona…Russian themselves mounted them in 4 Ton trucks like GAZ AAA.

The EPR used them widely in the Battle of the Ebro, giving AA cover to the beacheads and bridges…So nothing new or it seems

There´s a tempting model both in 1:72 and 1:48, but the GAZ AAA was never used in Spain AFAIK, an there´s not a GMC model  in these escales…I think

Well here comes the answer: Look for a 1.48 or 1:72 ZIS 5 and you´ve got it

Le Perthus 1939

I suppose it was overloaded but when you´re losing everything goes…


Looking at some documentaries I have found a couple of curious images, maybe they are even interesting to some of you!

Despite I have already posted them on a forum looking for confirmation -or not, as I am prone to be wrong… I want to have them here as well. Even if we are a few, we deserve some new info!

First a heavy tracked tractor at Le Perthus:

Why is it special? nothing at first sight. But on a second look to the tracks and road train, these are caterpillar-like so definitively not a Benach

Had the EPR heavy Caterpillar? This one must be a Fifty or Sixty at least, it tows a heavy gun (Schneider 155???) and cabin is for two seats. It reminds me:

Yep, it looks like a Stalinets, but in Spain we only had Komintern, right?

Maybe a Stalinets S65 was sent on a vessel by mistake…


PS: As usual ignorace is my most prominent virtue. Stirling Lowery has pointed out that in 2008, “CARROS DE COMBATE” by Ed. Quirón, had photo evidence of 55 of these tractors imported in 1938. here goes my news… sigh…

First colour pictures of Buntfarbenanstrich ???

The first color images I have ever seen of prewar Buntfarbenanstrich are from a Russian (!!) documental, they are Panzer I from an unidentified parade.

I am afraid the images are terrible, as they come from aa amateur screen capture, but if someone can get this documental with better quality it would be great… the original name is

“Гитлер хроника в цвете.2004.DivX.TVRip.avi”

It is from Discovery Channel, so I guess there must be an english version out there: “Hitler in Colour”

Images are retouched, specially this last one is a bit oversatured but anyway it is pretty obvious that they are not panzergrey…

Any comment?

Henschel Truck

The following pics are from a preserved Henschel truck at Almeyda Military Museum, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Due to storage reasons they are 1/3 size of the originals, so if anyone needs a photo at full resolution, we will be glad to send it.

Bergepanther variants

Despite all variants of Bergepanther have been quite well researched, I have found an interesting pic that seems was the base for ICM Initial bergepanther model.

According to Jentz on panzertracts, and other authors on different books, there was a first batch of 12 vehicles that were delivered to Abteilungen 51 y 52 and sPzJag Abt. 653. They were turretless Panther with a round wooden cover over the turret ring and a special towing hook on the rear part (and obviously based on Ausf. D)

later on several improvements were added, most remarkably the box-shaped superstructure, rear spade and winch.

They were produced by different factories on different numbers, and some were even built from knocked out vehicles.

Now, there are at least 2 pics that do not match this outline, as they had a circular cover but were not from the first 12. One of them shows the metallic pieces welded over the periscope guards, and the other one also the support for the crane.

I have not been able to find any reference to these vehicles, except mayble Jentz saying that some vehicles were completed without winch…